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In a coffeeshop, your main product is coffee.


You and your people need to have intimate knowledge of all aspects of coffee and the industry.


This industry is huge: a never-ending source of fascination, passion, knowledge, and potential skill.


You can never stop learning, and we’re here to help you start your journey or augment your existing skill set! We'll train you and your staff using SCAA best practices for consistency, quality, and creativity.


It doesn't stop after a training session. You'll need to continually practice and develop your skills. No one can learn and execute it perfectly without practice and guidance, so we'll equip you!


Our trainer has several years of experience as a cafe owner and barista, and has judged the SCAA barista competition. She's passionate about coffee, the people who produce it, and the people who drink it.


Call us to set up your sessions! 724-742-2326



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